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What This Book Provides
Dinner Questions


The most entertaining part of the evening comes with the dinner questions. The questions have been designed to encourage discussion, revelation, and sometimes surprise. Conversation is a big part of most cultures, and what better time than over dinner? Some questions will stimulate intriguing conversation; some will reveal your passion and others will tell your story. As the host or hostess, you will facilitate the dialog and keep the conversation moving.


This book has been designed with you, the host or hostess, in mind. Everything you need to have an exciting international dinner party has been provided. Of course, in distilling a country or culture down to a chapter in a book, I have given only a general overview and focused on selected facets. I hope that you, in planning your own dinner parties, will be motivated to learn even more about these countries and fully appreciate the richness and diversity within each. Although some of the movies (especially older ones) and costume ideas may reflect a stereotypical or onedimensional view of a culture, they are included because they offer familiar images that can be worked into the dinner party theme in a fun or interesting way. And they are also wonderful starting points for discussions. Enjoy the education you will receive as you plan, prepare, and participate in an evening to remember!

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